Bonfire Night with your Campervan

Most people around the world are focusing on upcoming Halloween, but in the UK we’re all thinking about Bonfire Night! And did you know that one of the best ways to celebrate this festive evening is through a campervan trip? We’re going to tell you all about the best way to enjoy a Bonfire Night camping trip, and the best campsites for Bonfire Night displays. So start reading and preparing for this fun family night!

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?

Before we start celebrating with Bonfire Night displays, it is important to understand how this evening came about, and the Guy Fawkes history behind it. Bonfire Night is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, and it is an annual commemoration every 5th of November. It is celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom, although British families abroad often organise similar events for this day. The importance of the day began long ago, on the 5th November 1605 when Guy Fawkes was arrested as a leading member of the Gunpowder Plot. The Gunpowder Plot involved placing explosives beneath the House of Lords as an attempt to assassinate the reigning King James I. To celebrate the Kings life being spared, people lit bonfires across London, which resulted in an annual public day of celebration being named for the plot’s failure. This was the Observance of 5th November Act, but nowadays it is known simply as Bonfire Night. You may be starting to remember this all from Primary school, but just in case that didn’t quite jog your memory, how about the famous poem of “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot…”

Enjoying Bonfire Night with your Campervan

Okay, so now we all understand why we celebrate this evening, but that still leaves us with the question of how we will celebrate… You may think that camping or travelling with a campervan would restrict you from celebrating Bonfire Night, but we believe it only maximises the fun! So before we consider where you’ll celebrate, we’ll give you a few general tips on making the most of festivities from your campervan. Our main piece of advice is to book ahead, as this can be an extremely popular time at campsites, so don’t risk not having a spot! Especially if you’re looking for certain amenities, such as an electrical hook up or the ability to build your own campfire. So don’t risk it, play it safe and book ahead. Secondly, is to make sure you prepare for the cold. Nothing spoils a fun night like shivering teeth, so bring numerous layers to be safe. Bring a cosy blanket along, so you’ll have something to cuddle together under. We advise leaving your pets behind for this trip, as although it is super fun to bring your dog along, the noise and bustle may upset your pet and cause them a lot of distress. As for cuisine, you can still enjoy all the festive delights and treats traditional to Bonfire Night from your motorhome. Plan ahead and bake some delicious goods to enjoy, such as cupcakes or brownies! On the night, you can keep everyone smiling with some campfire food, such as hot dogs or jacket potatoes. S’mores will ensure messy but cheery faces all around, as will baked apples – yum! For more camping food tips, check out this blog full of recipes and tricks!

#1 Woodland Waters, Lincolnshire

Situated in Grantham, Lincolnshire, this campsite is renowned for their annual bonfire and fireworks display. It starts earlier than most other events, beginning at approximately 6.30pm, which makes it one of the great bonfire night displays for young children. The events feature a huge bonfire and firework display, as well as plenty of food and drinks being passed around. The site itself is also lovely to pitch at, nestled in a woodland valley covering 72 acres. The on site bar offers all the amenities you may miss while camping, from flat screen TVs to a pool table. Whilst here, be sure to enjoy the ales of the region, and then head to the attached Lakeview restaurant for some home-made food. This site is also well suited for disabled travellers, as it offers various facilities to cater to them.

#2 Loch Ness Shores Camping & Caravanning Club Site

Celebrating Guy Fawkes history on the banks of Britain’s most famous stretch of water, can you think of anything better? This spectacular display is organised and run by the local fire service, and promises to light up the sky for hours. Get the youngsters excited about catching a glimpse of shy Nessie, or help them settle for seeing the variety of other wildlife present there, such as deer, bats and otters. The campsite offers numerous facilities, such as a reception and shop to cater to your every need. If you’re feeling like treating yourself after the celebrations, you could spend a night in one of their wigwam glamping cabins.

#3 Callow Top, Derbyshire

The best part about celebrating at Callow Top is that the celebrations aren’t restricted to a single night, with events kicking off with a bingo night, ensuring fun for the whole family. Following this, the next evening has the traditional bonfire and fireworks display, with enough treats to go around. Boogie the night away in the family disco, and show your kids how things were done in your day! For the daytime, there is plenty to keep you busy here. Callow Top is renowned for their great cycle routes, ranging from the 13 mile Tissington Trail to the shorter options leading you into Ashbourne. They even offer a cycle hire service, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your bikes along with all the camping gear. We would list all the services and facilities offered at Callow Top, but that would take pages! To summarise, your kids will adore the pool and play facilities, while you’ll be busy with the fishing lake and on-site brewery!

#4 Golden Valley, Derbyshire

Golden Valley campsite features numerous Bonfire Night events to entertain all ages and preferences. Their huge firework display begins at 7.30pm, and promises to dazzle and delight. The onsite cafe/bar will be serving a variety of refreshments throughout the evening, just in case your mouth has dried up in awe of the display! There will also be a disco upstairs as well as variety of children’s amusements. This 26 acre woodland site is neat, organised and a superb weekend destination. There are three play areas on site, as well as a fishing pond, bouncy castle and train ride around the park – the fun never has to stop!

#5 Herding Hill Farm, Northumberland

At Herding Hill Farm, they combine Bonfire Night with Halloween for a jam-packed weekend of fun! There are numerous prizes up for grabs, including the best fancy-dressed child, parent, tent and caravan. They pride themselves on only having animal friendly fireworks, and they serve hot soup and homemade pizzas to keep everyone warm and sated. During the day you’ll be able to explore this gorgeous heritage area, as the campsite is only one mile from Hadrian’s Wall! The rolling hills and never ending greenery are often considered to be a walker’s paradise. But the highlight of this campsite must be the luxurious facilities on offer, such as the sauna where you can sweat your stress away. Whilst you relax, your kids will be enjoying the playground with a Roman fort and the petting zoo!

Of all these wonderful Bonfire Night events to choose from, the hardest part will be choosing which to go to!  Now that you’re ready to spend Bonfire Night in a campervan, you can look for the campervan on Goboony. Filtering through location and preferences, you are bound to find one that suits your desires.Goboony is a motorhome rental platform which gets motorhome owners in touch with those wishing to rent from a private owner. We make the process easy, reliable and affordable. Find a motorhome in your area through a simple search today!



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